1. Creating A Memory Garden

How to Create a Memory Garden


Losing a loved one is a difficult part of life, but it can be comforting to cherish the special memories that you once shared. Creating a memory garden might help you feel closer to someone you lost and can create a tribute that will help other friends and family members to heal. Start by finding a private place or choose a location that has meaning. And remember to plant from your heart.

Things to Consider When Creating Your Memorial Garden:

  • Plant their favorite flowers or choose flowers that have special significance.
  • Plant during their favorite season and choose flowers and plants that are in season at that time. For example, if they loved spring, plant bulbs.
  • Select flowers in the colors they loved.
  • Choose flowers that capture their favorite fragrances. For example, if they loved the scent of lavender, include a lavender plant in the garden.
  • Select flowers and plants with special meanings. For example, pink carnations mean "I'll never forget you" and yellow roses represent friendship.
  • Include statues and remembrance gifts in the garden. If they loved dogs, include a small statue of their favorite breed.
  • Add a small plaque describing what’s in the garden and its significance, or simply display their favorite phrase or poem. If possible, try to include a bench in the area. This way, visitors will have a place to sit and reflect.